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  1. Swapping Device Stands for Lego… »

    So with all the fun of installing new devices comes the joys of trying to install and rearrange them in the lab. And there is no problem that humankind has ever faced that cannot be overcome with some careful thinking, creativity, and a little Lego. You’ll find the build instructions here.

  2. DeviceLab EDI – in Lego! »

    Our good friend @StealthRadek of @YardDigital has built a model of the Edinburgh lab out of Lego! First there was the sneak peek on Instagram: Then there was the awesome gallery that emerged of his whole model; Awesome effort, and thanks. We’ll have some more news soon about the new devices and tools we’ve added to the
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  3. We’re open! (And here’s how our launch night went) »

    So, we’re finally open for bookings. 46 devices across 16 different platforms, and on Friday 23rd August we shared a wee celebration with some of our friends and users. We had a pretty awesome number of folk through the door (around forty or so over the course of the evening), drinks provided by Vino wine
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  4. Launch night, Friday 23rd August »

    It’s finally time. We’ve been battering away for a while now, getting together funds and facilities to open Scotland’s first community device testing lab. And now it’s time to share it with you. If you haven’t already received an invite to our launch night, fill out the form below – and while you’re at it,
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  5. New Site Launch! »

    So here we are, well on the way to establishing DeviceLab EDI – with some devices already acquired, and many more on the way, and currently raising funds with a view to launching after the New Year. More news soon!  

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